Committed to your safety

Committed to your safety

At Navi Pickups, we are serious about the safety of all customers, drivers and goods. We require our customers and drivers to follow all current public health guidelines.

COVID precautions

Our drivers will always follow all current recommended public health guidelines while working with your items.

We require all customers to follow current public health guidelines as well.

Safety for your goods

We offer insurance policies to protect your goods during transport. These policies are affordable and a great way to make sure that if anything unforeseen happens, your goods are protected.

In compliance with the North American Securement Standard, all drivers are responsible for securing your items correctly before transporting them.

Customer safety

Before being accepted into our driver pool, all of our drivers must submit a recent Driver's Abstract as well as a Criminal Record Check.

All drivers receive ratings between 1-5 stars for each completed trip, thus you'll be able to review your driver's average rating before accepting them as a driver to transport your items. Any ratings of 3 and below will be investigated by our quality assurance coordinator.

Driver safety

Our drivers are part of our team and we expect that they will be treated with respect. Any driver who feels unsafe will not have to complete the delivery for a customer.

Drivers will also be able to rate customers out of 5 stars.