Retail Transport Solutions

Retail Transport Solutions

Retail transport solutions to have your large items delivered today

Good for: Furniture, appliances and home décor

Our team of drivers is ready to transport your goods for your customers, on-demand. If you need practically any item transported for a customer, we’ve got you covered.

  • Landscaping materials
  • Appliances or furniture
  • Home décor items

What we mean by
"Your goods. Your way."

We can help you transport items for your customers, on-demand. Our network of pickup and flatbed truck drivers will transport furniture, landscaping materials, and anything in between!

Navi Pickups is a great way to complement your existing delivery fleet. By using our service, you’ll have the benefit of on-demand delivery trucks for your customers without the overhead of running a fleet! We are always ready to support your customers’ needs by transporting their goods. We reduce the obstacle of getting things to their ‘home’.

Pickups available on-demand, with a few simple clicks.