Pickup Truck Services

Pickup Truck Services

Pickup Trucks

Good for: Small to medium-sized goods

Our team of drivers is ready to pick up your goods and transport them to you, on-demand. Whether you’re shopping for a few medium-sized items, or a large appliance, we’ve got you covered!

  • Items from big box stores without delivery services
  • Large appliances and furniture
  • Small personal craft or other outdoor activities

What we mean by
"Your goods. Your way."

We can help you transport all sorts of items. We can even move items from your home to your cottage. We’ll transport furniture and appliances. We will even move your snowmobile for you!

We like to think of Navi Pickups as a better option than a rental truck. By choosing us, you’ll save the time you would have spent picking up, fueling up and dropping off a rental truck. Plus, no need to take a hundred ‘before’ pictures of a rental to prove you didn’t make that scratch! If it will fit in a pickup truck, we can transport almost anything, almost anywhere within a few hundred kilometers.

Pickups available on-demand, with a few simple clicks.