Frequent Asked Questions

With Navi Pickups being a first-of-its-kind business, we know you may have some questions. We’ve included some FAQs below. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help!

How does Navi Pickups work?

Navi Pickups is similar to other on-demand delivery services, but we work with bigger items. What sets us apart is that we can work with medium, large, and extra-large loads, for short to intermediate distances. We’ll pick up anything from a sofa to construction equipment, and everything in between, and we’ll bring it to your home, your cottage or your construction site.

How can I become a Navi Pickups Driver?

Our drivers must complete our onboarding process, including filling out our driver application and completing a criminal record check.

How can I become a Navi Pickups Partner?​

If you manage a construction site, an agricultural business, or a retail store, you may want to consider becoming a Navi Pickups partner. Benefits include direct invoicing through our app, customized and personal service and the ability to have a fleet without managing one.

I've downloaded the app and I’m having trouble requesting a pickup, what do I do?​

If you experience technical difficulties with our app, please contact us.

Where does Navi Pickups operate?​

Navi Pickups operates in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba, making intermediate length pickups and deliveries. We won’t turn down a longer trip, so feel free to request a pickup. We’re working on expanding into other provinces as well.

How does the pricing work?​​

All pickups will be charged a minimum delivery fee. After the minimum delivery fee has been met, you will be charged per kilometre.

What kind of items can be picked up and delivered?​​

We accept all legal items for pickup. Each pickup will require a photo to be submitted by either the customer or the driver when they arrive to ensure that the pickup is as expected.

Will the driver load and unload my items?​​

At this time, we are simply an on-demand transport solution. This means that we do not load and unload your items. Our drivers will meet you at your pickup location and wait while you load your items. The driver will then secure your items to the truck, so that they are safe during transport. They will meet you at the delivery location, unsecure the load and wait while you unload the items. We are investigating a premium service, including loading and unloading for future expansion.